I first came across Choccywoccydoodah in a wedding magazine when I was looking for a cake for my own wedding. Let's face it's with name like that they are not easy to forget! So of course I googled them, and ordered one as I loved what I saw. It was a big white chocolate sculpture and I stlll have a bit saved in my freezer - as a memento of course, not with a view to eating it...since it is over 5 years old! But anyway I digress. I wanted to blog about them because I regularly visit their website to see what weird and wonderful creations they may come up with! Below you will see my current favorites - aren't they fantastic? And not only do they look great but they are also delicious - and are a definite talking point.

So for decadent chocolate cakes, beautiful sculptures, extravagant chocolates, unique designs and deilcious recipies, visit their website which is www.choccywoccydoodah.com or visit their store in Brighton. They can also be found in Liberty of London. YUM!

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