I love to recommend people who are on the same page as me. That means wanting to deliver some fantastic results for you, something unique and special, and people who genuinely care about the end result. Pete is one of those people. If you like "thinking outside the box" then you will love the way that Pete from Engage DVD's produces wedding films. I say films, because that is exactly what they are - NOT the boring, cliched videos.

Pete uses top of the range kit, such as the Steadicam ( as used in Strictly Come Dancing, CSI, and ER to name but a few) and a 14ft camera crane. He always takes 3 cameras on every wedding, and films the ceremony and speeches with two cameras which results in a more professional edit. In post production each frame is colour graded to give it the film look, and you choose the music, usually modern and upbeat to be the soundtrack of your very own movie!

There are plenty of optional extras - you can make your own music video, or have Red Carpet Interviews by Philipa Philipendeckers - what a cool and unique idea!

Check out Pete's website here - ENGAGE DVD'S.

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